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Ladies Small Group - Phyllis Daniels

February 9th - May 25th, 2018

Think about this….every ‪Sunday morning we come together to worship God and hear a message delivered by our pastor. It’s always a powerful time of being in the presence of God and hearing the truth of His word, the Bible, be declared. So many times we feel that the pastor is speaking directly to us like we are the only one in the room. That word is intended to change us, challenge us, and move us to action…all for the glory of Jesus Christ…all so our lives will reflect more of Him to the lost world around us. So if it’s intended to do all of that then why don’t we give it more attention than we do? Why is it that by mid-week we often forget the thing that God was trying to communicate to us? It’s because there is a spiritual battle taking place not wanting that word from God to have a lasting impact on our lives. There is a real enemy of our soul that wants it to just go away and for your life to return to the same place it was. Well, no more! It’s time for you to engage in this fight for YOUR LIFE!

Join us for this small group each week as we go deeper into the previous Sunday’s message by exploring more of the main and other supporting text, and allow God to make an indelible mark on our lives. ‬‬

Leader: Phyllis Daniels - - 386-837-2874

Where: 7630 Pleasantville Way, Grovetown 30813

When: Fridays 7-8:15PM

Childcare is available upon request.